Friday, June 22, 2012

One year ago today....

One year ago today, Adelyn was placed in our arms...

Today is her first GOTCHA day and it seems so surreal!

How could one year have possibly gone by?  It feels like we just got back from Korea yesterday!
How could one year have possibly gone by?  It feels like she has been here forever.

I think back to that day one year ago. 

We left our room holding hands, feeling a bit nauseous, mostly in silence not having words to say to each other but knowing we were both feeling exactly the same. It was a short walk to SWS and our hearts were in our throats, our eyes were filled with tears, our emotions a rollercoaster of excitement, fear, anxiety, thankfulness and so many unknowns.  Would she love us?  Would she fit into our crazy, silly family?  Would she transition well?  How would the airplane ride go?  So many questions, so many answers that we didn't know. 

 And then to walk into that room and  see our baby girl in the arms of her dear, amazing foster Mom.  The only Mom she knew.  A Mom who's love for our baby girl streamed down her face.  It was the most exciting, heart-wrenching day of my life.  I barely remember signing papers or exchanging gifts or even her feeding/care instructions that the social worker went over with us.  All I remember is holding our daughter on our lap and kissing her soft brown hair, smelling her sweet baby scent and grasping her tiny fingers.  She went right to us, perhaps remembering us from the last couple days... all smiles and coos.  Her foster Mom had dressed her in a beautiful dress and pulled her hair up in the tiniest of ponytails on top of her head.  She was the most beautiful little girl in the whole world.  And she was ours.  For the first time, I had a daughter....

In the next few weeks, every question, every apprehension disappeared.  She was the most affectionate, loving, silly, fun, good little girl we could have imagined.  Our boys loved her, her grandparents couldn't get enough of her, her aunts, uncles, cousins, friends... so many came to the airport and our home to welcome her... she was loved by so many.  She fit into our family so perfectly that I myself wondered if I had given birth to her... in a sense I had... it had been a VERY long labor!  Just as God had perfectly chosen our two little boys to place into my tummy, he had placed her perfectly into our hearts.  We gave birth to all three of our children, just a little differently, but all perfectly.

I look at her now.  She is the happiest, silliest little girl around and she has the gift of charming everyone's pants off.  She will meet you at the door running full speed with arms open and say with the cutest little voice "Hi Mom.  Love you."  She has a way of making the crappiest day, perfect.  Those little heart-shaped lips that always ask for a kiss.  The sweet "thank you" and "welcome" that come after every task you do... even just kisses.  The sheer joy on her face as she dances and sings around the room.  The "peek-a-boos" as you're pulling her head through her shirt. 

How could one year have possibly gone by?

Korea:  June 22, 2011

Korea:  June 22, 2011

Korea:  June 22, 2011  

How could one year have possibly gone by?

The question really is... how could one year have possibly gone by without her?  I can't imagine life without our little princess.  Happy GOTCHA day my little one...