Saturday, June 18, 2011

We're HERE!!!

After flying more than 17 hours in all today... we have finally arrived in Seoul!! We are settling into our room at the SWS Guesthouse and the first thing we did was make sure we could access the internet! WHOO-HOO!! Let the blogging begin!

Everything has gone soooooo good so far and we have had absolutely no problems! We know God's hand has been in our journey and He has heard everyone's prayers for safe, easy travel. Are these coincidence? (I don't think so!!)

* Every single one of our flights not only was on time, but even left and arrived a little early!

* We had perfect weather- no storms or rain... and even little turbulence!

* BOTH of our long flights- from Chicago to San Francisco and from San Francisco to Seoul- we had an empty seat next to us on the aisle!! I am talking PACKED flights with no extra seats, yet somehow, we had an extra seat next to us open to be able to stretch out in and get that little extra room we needed to comfortably sleep. We couldn't believe it happened not once, but TWICE!!!!

* We had a great plane ride on United. Movies played the whole way and even the food was surprisingly good! They fed us every couple hours!! We had beef brisket with green beans, horseradish mashed potatoes, a roll and salad for dinner. We got a Chinese ramen noodle bowl as a snack. We also got honey mustard turkey sandwhich with chips and cookies. Even though it was just airplane food, it was pretty good!

* We got all of our luggage delivered in one piece in Seoul!

* We found a taxi right away with a very nice taxi driver who even spoke some English! He said he would love to take us back to the airport on Friday!

Everything has gone wonderful. Even though we did sleep pretty well on both of the planes, we are very tired. I now understand the meaning of jet lag and having a 13 hour time difference! It really reeks havoc on you!

Well... we are going to take a short nap then start touring the town and find somewhere to eat for dinner!! Annyoung-he kie-seyo!! (Good-bye!)


mummyofprincesses said...

So glad to see your flight was smooth, and to hear about the extra seats. Continued prayers!